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Give me your hands.

the bonds of life.

Give me your fingers,


Give me your arms,

warm around my back,

and your neck,

a pillar of blood.


Give me your mouth,

your breath in mine.

Your lips

slip across my skin.

Give me your ears,

a roaring ocean,

and your eyes,

a flood of light.


Tie me in knots

of your thighs.

Trap me in the allure

of your hair.

Your eyes

pin me,

‘til pleasure is pain

and sunlight is rain.



and constant as the tides,


and resonant as chords,

your arms are ropes,

your lips are cuffs,

our laughter is as resonant

as our cries.


Dana Dimitri Richardson


Copyright 2013 by Dana Richardson

We Lie in Bonds of Life

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